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  • Automatic resistance welding to 250 KVA

  • Single and multi-spot welding

  • Automatic and robotic mig welding

  • Robotic pallet changers

  • Certified welders

  • Class A welds



Delfasco understands that quality resistance welding depends on consistency, bond, and nugget size. Our resistance welding equipment has been designed to deliver the strongest and most consistent welds possible. We ensure the highest quality resistance welds by performing our own in-house shear and pull-testing, and are also capable of meeting any external testing that is required by our customers.

Our welding department performs quality resistance welding using spot welders of up to 250 kVa welding capacity. We utilize both single and multi spot welders along with mash seam longitudinal welding. Delfasco has designed and built numerous resistance welders and circumferential welders to maximize the efficiency and integrity of our welds and our on-site development team is able to design equipment capable of meeting any customer requirements.

Utilizing the most up-to-date microprocessor-based controls we produce class "A" welds that use intermittent and continuous mash seam welds. Our pneumatics are integrated seamlessly into our designs to reduce voids and ensure reliable nugget formation.

We also incorporate extensive jig and fixturization into all of our designs to allow us to maintain the tightest possible tolerances. Our creative solutions to difficult tolerancing problems have earned us high praise from many past and present customers. Out consistent production quality reduces costs associated with scrap and reworked items.

Our resistance welding department is capable of meeting all customer requirements and can produce any size product for which we can design and build the appropriate equipment.


Delfasco’s MIG welding capabilities include outputs of up to 450 amps with solid state, constant voltage controls. These processes include gas metal arc welding and flux core arc welding.

In addition to our outstanding manual welding, Delfasco’s capabilities also include both state-of-the-art robotic welding and semi-automatic welding from our custom designed automatic welders. Our robotic welder has dual DC drives for 360 degree circumferential welding with dual pallet changers. Our semi-automatic welders have been built in-house to meet the most stringent quality requirements and we are also capable of designing custom welders to maximize the production needs of our customers.

Our MIG welders are certified by an outside laboratory to American Welding Society Standards and meet stringent standards for welding quality. We also have the capability for die penetrant and x-ray testing of our welds.

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