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Ammunition Containers

Military Humvee

Ammunition containers are used for the transport of various munitions, with particular sensitivity to temperatures and humidity, such as propellant charges, tank rounds and artillery rounds. Delfasco has a dedicated line of cylindrical or square bell containers based on US Military specifications. We can also modify our line to meet newer specifications. Our containers are especially designed for use by the US Army and can be sold to directly to the US Military or the private sector.

Product Features

  • Pretreated with a Type I, Zinc Phosphate coating, in accordance with TT-C-490, and an applicable topcoat of paint.

  • Provides an air tight steel.

  • Reusable and or/refurbish-able.

  • Available in IM or insensitive munitions configurations.

Product Benefits

  • Adds shelf life and security to storing and using munitions.

  • Improved stacking capabilities.

  • Custom configurations to accommodate varied munitions.

  • Made in the USA.


Delfasco is the only supplier of Fastpacks that manufactures both the container and pallet assemblies in house.

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