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25 lb. Practice Bombs

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Blue Skies

The military standard 25 lb. practice bomb is used as a training aid for all Air Force and Navy pilots. With various bomb rack configurations, they are used on almost every fixed-wing fighter/bomber aircraft in the U.S. inventory. Commonly referred to as the MK-76 or BDU-33, practice bombs have a spotting charge that releases a cloud of smoke on impact. Practice bombs are used to simulate the MK-82 in low drag configuration. They are made from a small cast-iron and steel non-explosive ordnance that is used in training to simulate actual bombs. Practice bombs are also used to qualify systems and personnel.

Product Features

  • U.S. Navy and Air Force designed, with internal Navy and Air Force firing pin assembly.

  • Enables pilots of almost every fixed-wing fighter aircraft to experience the actual look, feel and handling characteristics of an actual bombing run.

  • Improved efficiency, accuracy and target acquisition.

Product Benefits

  • Non-lethal training aid.

  • Cost effective training compared to actual bombing and simulation.

  • Improved training safety.

  • Highly versatile.


Delfasco has shipped over 10 million practice bombs without one field rejection or missed delivery schedule.

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