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Stamping / Forming

  • Complete in-house stamping/forming capability including punch presses, press brakes, shearing, strippit fabrication, and rolling

  • Press capacity from 12 to 300 ton

  • Press brake capacity from 60 to 225 tons

  • Shear capacity to 1/2" thick

  • Roll capacity to 8' long


Delfasco maintains a variety of press types and sizes to maximize our stamping capabilities. We provide both single stage stamping and progressive stamping operations. Our punch press stamping capability runs from 12 to 300 tons with a range of 7” to 52” shunt heights and a maximum bed size of 84” x 48”. This flexibility allows for proper matching of stamping requirements to press capabilities and the stamping of products in a multitude of shapes and sizes. It also allows for simultaneous processing of multiple stamping jobs. Our manufacturing facility also maintains state-of-the-art coil handling and feeder equipment to further enhance our stamping capabilities.

We also maintain a series of press breaks for both large and small fabrication jobs. Our press break capability runs from 60 tons to 225 tons with a 10 foot maximum length. We combine our internal tool and die department with our press breaks to produce highly accurate and versatile jigs and fixturizations, which maximizes the potential of our press breaks.

In addition to our large volume equipment, we also provide a complete line of equipment to provide excellent support for prototype and modification projects. With our surface grinders and mills, we are able to support almost any project. Prototype work can be done on our strippit fabricator with duplicator capability.

As an added benefit, our in-house tool and die shop provides us with the capability to manufacture our own jigs, welding fixtures, gaging, and special equipment, offering us the ability to build and service the tooling we use and significantly limit the production costs normally associated with outside tooling sources.

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