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  • 7 state of the art CNC lathes with 1/4" to 14" diameter

  • 3 state of the art CNC vertical milling centers with pallet changers

  • Dedicated practice bomb machining line

  • Broaching to 36" length of travel


Delfasco’s CNC Machining department consists of both vertical machining centers and turning centers. The department is staffed highly trained operators and programmers that are developed in coordination with the local technical training center. We strive to develop the highest quality standards for products machined in our facility. To accomplish this, we utilize computer aided SPC systems to aid in continual improvement of machining tolerances. We have the capability to machine products from 1/4" diameter parts up to 14" diameter in our turning centers. Our programming staff ensures the least amount of wasted machining time in order to maximize the number of quality parts that can be machined at the lowest possible machining cost.

Our vertical machining centers allow us to machine products from the smallest of sizes to up to 22"L x 16"W x 15"H. With a pallet changing system that eliminates idle machine time while loading and unloading, our vertical machines centers maximize machining time for high quantity production runs and quick turnaround times.

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