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  • Flexible conveyor line configurations with on line storage of parts

  • Custom built assembly equipment

  • Efficient layouts to run multiple configurations

  • Final packaging and palletizing


Our assembly capabilities take full advantage of our ability to manage multiple products at the same time. Our assemblers bring their skills and experience to bear in assembling a variety of products with requirements ranging from stencil and marking; assembly of multiple sub- assemblies; packaging according to customer requirements and preparation for shipment.

The assembly department is arranged to maximize the preparation of sub-assemblies for installation of coated products as well as the installation of these sub-assemblies. Our personnel will develop an efficient layout for the assembly of multiple products using the configuration of our conveyor system to assemble multiple products simultaneously.

The addition of stenciling machinery and other custom-built equipment means that the department is capable of quick turnaround and rapid response to changing product lines. If a customer’s product requires special equipment or assembly jigs, our on-site staff can develop a solution to meet the customer’s needs. We have successfully designed and implemented numerous in-house systems to ensure proper and efficient assembly of customer products.

We also provide packaging for shipment according to our customers' needs. From commercial- grade protective packaging to military requirements, our personnel and equipment are capable of tailoring shipping packaging to meet the all of our customers' needs.

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