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  • Totally composite 5 stage zinc phosphating system compliant to military specification TT-C-490

  • In-house waste water treatment

  • Drying and curing ovens both jet air and IR

  • Paint system liquid and powder capable

  • Automatic electrostatic applications

  • Power and free conveyor with speeds from 5' to 20'/minute

  • Finishing sizes 32" wide x 72" high x 8' long




Delfasco state-of-the art finishing system utilizes one of the largest total composite five-stage zinc phosphate spraying bonderizers in the country. We use laboratory analysis and on-site management to ensure proper adhesion and grain size to deliver optimum coating. The system includes the ability to focus delivery of cleaning and pretreatment chemicals to ensure total coverage and superior paint adhesion.

Our Jet air cure oven is air, bake, and powder capable and our finishing system also includes over 1,500 feet of power and free conveyor with six separate power drives with line speeds ranging from 5 to 20 feet per minute. Combined with the three conveyor storage areas, this allows the flexibility to paint multiple components on the same line and also allows the application of multiple color coats to the same products resulting in both quick turnaround and additional cost savings while delivering the most durable finish possible.


At Delfasco, we strive to deliver not only the best functional parts, but the best looking parts as well because we understand that every product is ultimately judged by how it looks. With this in mind, we have made a concerted effort to develop and maintain a state-of-the-art finishing system that allows us to deliver parts that look as good as they perform.

Our wet spray system is automatic and programmable to paint numerous products inside and out. The size variation allows us to paint any product, small or large, with only minor changes. It can spray electrostatically or conventionally with automatic color change capability and delivers a consistent coating thickness over the entire product.

Our automatic bell system is fully customizable to provide full and complete paint coverage to a large variety of shapes and sizes. The design of our automatic booth will allow us to modify the direction and velocity of products from each of the spray bells. This independent control ensures a reliable and consistent product. It is also adaptable to the full range of paint compositions and our on-site staff can color match your colors with delivery normally within two weeks.

We also have the ability to automatically apply paint to the interior of products without additional handling. Our automated lance system can apply coating to interior surfaces of products up to 7 feet deep.

With both openings allowing product sizes up to 32 x 72 x 8, Delfasco is able to quickly process customer products.


Our application booth has the capacity for 22 automatic guns and can accommodate parts two feet wide by six feet high. The flexibility of gun quantities and positions allows for a customized application with each product. Our system allows both interior and exterior coatings to be applied in the same operation to reduce product handling while maximizing process quantities.

We can apply consistent coating with various line speeds of p to 12 feet per minute. Our positive ground electrostatic system also ensures the maximum adhesion of coating until our infrared and gas-fired convection cure oven bake the powder to the most durable coating possible, while allowing us to maintain positive control of the coating temperature to conform to manufacturer specifications for coating temperature over time.

Our powder process is extremely flexible and includes a Gema 12000-cfm cartridge system for powder reclamation. The reclamation efficiency of this unit helps control coating costs by minimizing the losses associated with overspray.

The system has the capability to coat multiple chemistries from polyesters to Acrylics, each with high efficiency and exceptional quality. Our on-site staff can color-match any customer requirement with delivery normally less than two weeks.

Overall, Delfasco's highly experienced personnel operate a state-of-the-art powder system delivering coating on products that is second to none in quality and durability.

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